Career: Full-Time Evening Support Worker

Salary & Benefits

This is a Unionized position that will follow the Salary Schedule outlined in the MGEU Collective Agreement.

Job Description

The ideal candidate for this role is a compassionate and nurturing individual with abilities in counselling and mentoring.    


Purpose:  The purpose of the Support Worker is to aid and support women who are residing in the Shelter. Support can be offered in the form of counselling, assistance with goal setting, making appointments and other such needs. 

Duties & Responsibilities:   

  • Engaging with client in crisis situations, includes determining immediate needs for support and intervention.  
  • Assist clients with preparing for and attending meetings with various services such as legal aid, CFS, and alike.  
  • Act as an advocate for clients in dealings with EIA, courts, housing, legal aid, medical, etc.  
  • Organize and facilitate groups, includes researching and planning topics, develop resources and materials.    
  • Assist with answering crisis phone line: troubleshooting, offering support and advocacy or alternative resources when required.  
  • Assist with client intakes and assessments: creating client files, entering information into internal system, processing paperwork.   
  • Assist with general client and facility care: cooking, cleaning, and answering doors.      


Strengths and Knowledge 

The ideal candidate will possess:  

  • A thorough understanding of the issue of violence against women and their children including the types of abuse, family impact, related historical, societal, and power issues.  
  • Clinical counselling and assessment skills.  
  • Knowledge on resources available in the community.  
  • The ability to facilitate groups include speaking to groups, troubleshooting, and determining needs. 
  • The ability to work alone and exercise good judgement in handling demands of a crisis.  
  • The ability to handle crisis situations calmly. 
  • The ability to approach situations without judgement and meet people where they are.  
  • The ability to make connections, build trust, and maintain positive relationships with clients.  
  • Maturity and be a dependable person. 


Working Conditions 

Physical: This position will be based in an office in a women’s shelter facility. This position may hold physical demands such as cleaning, etc. 

Mental Health: This position will be exposed to crisis situations including witnessing men, women, and children in distress. 

Educations & Experience

The ideal candidate will possess:  

  • A Diploma or Degree in the humanities such as Applied Counselling, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, or alike.   
  • Experience working from Trauma Informed/Harm Reduction lens is essential. 
  • Other related education in crisis intervention, domestic violence, addictions.   
  • Experience working with clients in trauma situations.  
  • Experience working with domestic/sexual abuse cases.  
  • Experience managing crisis situations and supporting people through crisis. 
  • Current non-violent crisis intervention certificate, Emergency First-Aid and CPR certificate, and Food Safe certificate.  
  • A satisfactory Adult and Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Record Check. 

Closing Date:

May 13, 2024

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