Career: Grant Administrator

Salary & Benefits

To be negotiated.

Job Description

The ideal candidate for this role has a keen eye in researching opportunities and ability to write compelling script. This person will be an exceptional written communicator and will have a strong understanding of the grant writing and application process with government programs.  

 Purpose:  The purpose of the Grant Administrator position is to be aware of, apply for, track and report on community, private and government grants that will provide opportunities and income for YWCA Westman.  

Duties & Responsibilities:  

  • Complete government grant applications, primarily using online platforms. 
  • Provide thorough analysis of a variety of funding opportunities, prioritizing applications and coordinating applications and reporting timelines. 
  • Thorough tracking of data and expenditures to support timely and accurate reporting to funders that meets requirements. 
  • Meeting with coworkers, researching community information, understanding the needs and goals of YWCA to assist with funding programs and community offerings.   
  • Research and source grants and information related to affordable housing and capital development initiatives. 
  • Ongoing research into emerging trends with regards to gender-based violence and funding opportunities to support survivors.          


Strengths and Knowledge 

The ideal candidate will possess:  

  • Knowledge of the inner workings of government grants processes and programs; understanding such things as timelines, process stages, and location of resources.  
  • Knowledge in general community needs as they relate to YWCA Westman and the purpose of the organization.  
  • Skills as a researcher with the ability to discover information in a timely manner.  
  • Exceptional skills in written communication.  
  • Strong computer skills with the ability to type at fast speeds.  
  • The ability to see the needs of an organization and voice such needs to executives.  
  • Maturity and be a dependable person. 


Working Conditions 

Physical: This position will be based in an office environment and requires primarily being seated at a workstation.   

Mental Health: Stressors may relate to funding, deadlines, and time pressures, as well as the potential stressor of the strong tie between Grant Writer and the financial health of the organization.  

Educations & Experience

The ideal candidate will possess:  

  • Post-secondary studies requiring research abilities, is considered an asset. 
  • 3 years’ experience in a research position or equivalent experience researching through education.   
  • Experience working with government grants in a not-for-profit environment.  
  • Experience working in the humanities or social service field with an understanding of the purpose of YWCA Westman.  

Closing Date:

May 21, 2024

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