Programs & Services

Immediate Help and Guidance

Emergency Crisis Line Services: 1-877-977-0007
Text support line: 1-204-400-4007

The Emergency Crisis & Text Support Lines provides 24|7|365 crisis intervention and support,  information, education, and community referrals to individuals who have experienced family or domestic violence, as well as to the general public.  A texting service is available for those who aren’t able to safely make a call.   Crisis Line support workers can refer individuals to an on-site counsellor upon request.

YWCA Westman Women's Shelter

Providing Safety and Support

The YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter provides safe, emergency shelter to individuals and their children who are at risk due to relationship violence. The Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has space for up to 24 women and children.

Child Care Program

Nurturing Children in a Secure Environment

Childcare will be provided while parents/guardians attend daily counselling sessions, legal, medical, housing, and social services appointments.

Residential Support Group

Exploring Domestic Violence and Beyond

The residential support group runs twice a week for residents at the Shelter. The group will discuss a new topic every session related to domestic violence such as 21 signs of an abusive person, types and cycle of abuse, leaving an abusive relationship, safety planning, healthy and unhealthy relationships, self-esteem, boundaries, fear, anger, and thinking patterns. Residents will get to know each other better while coming together to share and learn from each other. Child care will be provided during group sessions.

Residential Programs

Bringing Everyone Together

There are evening and weekend groups that aim to bring families together in a fun environment to help assist in their healing journey.  Residents including children are all welcome.  Activities include:

Children’s Support Program

Counseling for Child Witnesses of Abuse

This program is intended to assist child witnesses of abuse and understand the dynamics of abuse in the context of family relationships.  Support is provided for the children while they are residing in shelter and continues after they have moved into the community.  Support and counselling are also provided to non-residential children who are witnesses to family violence.

Follow-Up Support Program

Supporting Life Beyond the Shelter

This program provides assistance to residents who have left the Shelter and are planning long-term and ongoing changes toward an independent lifestyle and the development of non-abusive, reciprocal relationships. Ensures a continuum of support, available to them after the crisis stage has passed and they are getting re-establishing in the community.

Support workers in this program are Protection Order Designates and can assist clients in applying for a protection order

Non-Residential Support Program

Building Independence Through Supportive Programs

The Non-Residential program is to provide support services for individuals who have experienced family/domestic abuse, and continue to live in the community.  This program is for individuals who require assistance making informed decisions toward establishing themselves in an environment that is free of violence. These services include individual sessions and support groups, skill building, advocacy and referrals. Non-Residential program also assists individuals to plan and implement changes toward personal growth, increased independence and empowerment in their lives.

Community Public Education and Outreach Program

Informing the Community Through Education

YWCA Westman offers free public education programs to share information about gender-based violence, as well as the programs and services offered by the organization.

Safe Space

Building Confidence and Healthy Relationships

Safe space is a school-based program, created for female identifying youths to give them a safe space to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions and connect with their peers. All while learning about healthy relationships, self-esteem, cyber bullying, peer-pressure, friendships and body image. This program helps youths to foster self-esteem and confidence so they may strive to create and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lives, with not just others but also themselves.

Peaceful Futures Couples Counselling

Building Strong Bonds

Peaceful Futures is a free counselling program with qualified marriage and family therapists for couples seeking to deal with their past relationship issues, and are committed to a peaceful future. Peaceful Futures requires that couples;
  • Have no current court involvement regarding abuse
  • Participate in a structured assessment process
  • Commit to an abuse free relationship
To access this confidential program, contact 204-571-3680.
Residential Support Services

Residential Support for At-Risk Individuals

The residential support program provides short-term, safe, emergency shelter for individuals and their children who are at risk of relationship abuse.