Meredith Place Redevelopment

Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Meredith Place, once a historic landmark and the cherished home of the YWCA Brandon, is now set to undergo a transformational process. The new development is intended to carry on Meredith Place’s mission of offering transitional housing to women and gender-diverse people.

The demands of upkeep and maintenance gradually outweighed the organization’s capacity to sustain it. With a burst pipe causing substantial water damage earlier this year, the decision to redevelop the building became an imperative one.

The proposed redevelopment involves a meticulous process that begins with the demolition of the existing structure. While honoring the history and significance of Meredith Place, the organization aims to salvage key architectural elements, such as the masonry on the exterior, particularly the enduring red bricks, Tyndall stone, and limestone. These pieces will be carefully preserved and integrated into the design of the new transitional housing facility according to Lois Ruston, YWCA Brandon Executive Director.

One remarkable aspect of this project is the homage paid to the memory of Henry Meredith, a generous benefactor whose legacy lives on. His foresight and benevolence demonstrated through a significant financial contribution, enabled the establishment of a transitional housing facility for vulnerable members of society. The YWCA plans to commemorate his spirit and commitment to the new facility, ensuring that his legacy endures through the ages.

Decommissioning of the building has started, with the red bricks being removed and placed into storage. The demolition of the building will be complete by the end of 2023 and the process to develop a conceptual plan for the new facility is scheduled to conclude by Fall 2024

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