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A Gala Event Honouring Women

The Women of Distinction Awards celebrate the unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements of women who have profoundly shaped our society. These awards serve to highlight the importance of female leadership and the incredible strides made toward progress and innovation. By recognizing these exemplary individuals, we not only honour their contributions but also inspire future generations to continue this legacy of excellence and impact.

Save The Date

YWCA’s Women of Distinction Gala

Your presence at the gala ensures not only a glamorous night but also meaningful support for initiatives that uplift and empower women. Save the date for this special occasion, where we honour and recognize the achievements of extraordinary women while making a difference in the lives of many through the YWCA’s vital programs.

Event Information

Empowering Women

Join us to celebrate the magnificent Women of Westman at our Women of Distinction Gala. All proceeds go towards YWCA programs.

Do you know someone who:

If so, you can nominate them for a Women of Distinction Award!

Award Categories

Award recipients are recognized within nine distinct categories, with nominees potentially fitting into several categories. However, they may only receive an award in one category each year. Judges reserve the right to determine the most appropriate category for each winner based on the nominations received.


Nominate visionaries in the agricultural sector who not only champion sustainable farming practices but also lead innovative advancements that set new standards for environmental stewardship and food security.

Arts, Culture, Design

Recognize cultural luminaries who not only preserve and promote the richness of our arts but also forge new paths in artistic expression, enriching our societal fabric with creativity and heritage.

Business Leadership, Entrepreneur

Endorse trailblazing women in business who are redefining the essence of leadership, merging economic success with ethical practices, and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Community Leadership, Social Action

Celebrate the compassionate leaders who are making a significant difference in our communities, advocating for social justice, and providing support to those in need through tireless community service.

Healthy Living, Recreation, Wellness

Applaud the advocates of healthy living who are dedicated to promoting wellness, encouraging active lifestyles, and fostering holistic health practices in the community.

Education, Mentorship

Advocate for the educators and academic pioneers who are transforming the landscape of learning, by not only imparting knowledge but also inspiring a lifelong passion for education.

Science, Technology, Trade

Acknowledge the innovators and experts in the STEM fields who are not only pushing the boundaries of science and technology but also paving the way for women in trades and technical disciplines.

Young Trailblazers 17 and Under

Propel forward the young leaders who are already making significant impacts, demonstrating that age is no barrier to influencing and inspiring their peers with their visions for a better community.

Young Woman of Distinction 18 – 25 Years

Recognize the 18 to 25-year-olds stepping out to shape the world, leading with passion and innovation, and making significant contributions to their fields or communities.

Lifetime Achievement

This award honours women who are 55 years or older who have made significant and varied contributions to the community in any of the Women of Distinction categories. She is a role model who has tirelessly contributed to the community in many ways, for many years, as an advocate, volunteer and/or mentor. She exhibits strength, wisdom, and character that serve as an inspiration to those around her.

Meet Our 2023 Recipients

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the 2023 YWCA Women of Distinction! Your family, friends, and community are so proud of you all.
More than 200 people attended the Women of Distinction Awards on March 9 to celebrate this year’s nominees. The gala event is the YWCA’s largest fundraiser, with proceeds supporting women and families in need by providing shelter, programs and services.

Heather Day - Daydream Spa
Heather Day

Business Leadership

Daydream Spa
Susan Ainsworth 2023 winners
Susan Ainsworth


Stolon Glance Agronomy LTD.
Dr. Poonam Singh 2023 winners
Dr. Poonam Singh

Science Technology & Trade

Assiniboine Community College
Kori Gordon 2023 winners
Kori Gordon

Healthy Living, Recreation & Wellness

Natural Elements Wellness Centre
Shannon McKenzie 2023 winners
Shannon McKenzie

Education & Mentorship

Shallako Horses
Shannon Saltarelli 2023 winners
Shannon Saltarelli

Community Leadership and Social Action

City of Brandon
Amari Stocks 2023 winners
Amari Stocks

Young Trailblazer (17 & Under)

Sophia Smoke (2)
Sophia Smoke

Young Trailblazer (17 & Under)

Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation

Recognizing YWCA Westman's Sponsors and Supporters

YWCA Westman extends gratitude to the businesses and organizations that support our work.  Their commitment enables us to deliver crucial services at the Westman Women’s Shelter and through the education and advocacy programs that we deliver.  If you are interested in supporting the 2024 Women of Distinction Event, and celebrating the amazing women who live throughout our region, please review our sponsorship options.

Honour a Remarkable Woman:
Submit Your Nomination

A nominee must be made aware of their nomination, by continuing with this application you are permitting YWCA Westman to contact the nominee to receive their consent to the following:
  • The publication of their name and photo in connection with the YWCA Westman Women of Distinction Awards program, (All names and photos of nominees will be published in the local media and all information submitted to YWCA Westman becomes public information)
  • Attend the Women of Distinction Awards Gala.
  • Allow YWCA Westman to contact them during and following the awards process.
  • Please note posthumous nominations cannot be accepted.

Disclaimer: A YWCA Westman representative will contact the nominee after this application has been submitted to verify all the information. Please note that the application will be shared with the nominee. Should the nominee not be made aware of this application, the application may be withdrawn by the nominee at that time.