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At YWCA, we are on a dedicated journey to provide safety, support, and empowerment to individuals marginalized by gender, particularly those facing intimate partner, domestic, and family violence. Our mission drives us to create safe havens for women and families seeking refuge from these challenges.

With determination, we empower, advocate, and support women, and other individuals marginalized by gender in Brandon and the Westman Area. We provide safe shelter free services, and resources, for those experiencing intimate partner, domestic, and family violence.

We envision a world where lives and communities are rebuilt through services and programs that forge healthier connections and opportunities.

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Fiscal Year Annual Report

Discover the impact we’ve made through our comprehensive fiscal year annual report, showcasing our achievements, services, and the lives we’ve touched.

Donation Collection

Every contribution counts. 100% of received donations collected directly fuel each program, empowering women and driving change.


Ensuring safety is paramount to us. We provide secure emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and support services, making sure individuals in need find refuge and empowerment.

Our Gallery

Gallery of Empowerment

 Explore our Gallery of Empowerment, a visual journey showcasing the strength, resilience, and transformative moments of individuals finding solace and support at YWCA Westman. Each image tells a story of empowerment, capturing the essence of our commitment to creating safe havens and fostering a compassionate community. Join us in celebrating the inspiring journeys and triumphs that define the heart of YWCA Westman’s mission.

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